All fees reduced by 50% to businesses within the CV postcode

There’s no doubt about it. Everything has changed (at least for the immediate future anyway).

Covid-19 has brought an unprecedented amount of stress and anxiety to employees and employers alike, with many businesses forced to close their doors and in many cases halt trading.

Cookehouse has decided to reduce all our fees by 50% to all enterprises within the CV postcode

We are, however, aware of a number of businesses that are able to keep trading by offering delivery but cannot currently take orders online.

Over the last 10 days we have received many calls and messages from business owners needing to urgently alter their current website offering in order to facilitate the new demand in online orders. We’ve also heard from a few who, for one reason or another, have never actually used their website’s CMS (content management system) themselves and are now confused about how to make the necessary changes to their content.

As a result, Cookehouse has decided to reduce all our fees by 50%* to all enterprises within the CV postcode in order to try and help local businesses change direction quickly and keep moving forward.

So if you are in the CV postcode area and need urgent help in adapting your website to cope with online demand, please get in touch.

We are in this together.

Call: 01926 945101

*Terms apply.

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